Our first day at school

Our first day at school was very exciting. When we came to school Mr. Cotier gaves us a little introduction to Hall Mead School. Then we were split of in different classes of the year nine and we got our timetables for the next two weeks. A lesson is 60 minutes long and we have always five lessons a day. After that we had a tour in Hall Mead where students have shown us the buildings and the rooms for every subject. At Hall Mead are more than one thousand students and there are for all subjects own rooms so that the teachers haven’t to change the room. When we finished the tour we had our first lesson with the exercise to find differences and same things between school here and in Germany. Everything was different to school in Germany for example that the students haven’t to raise their hands, because the teacher picks someone up which has to answer than, that in the school are more computers and other technical equipment and that the teachers are stricter. At lunchtime we changed our new experiences with our friends. Wherever we go the English students look at us, but most of them are very friendly to us and try to speak German. After lunch break we had to lessons with Mr. Cotier where we told about our results of the exercise. We found out that Hall Mead School has some same things with our school but also many differences. At 3:25 our normal school day ends and then we go to our host families. Some of us went to Lakeside, a big shopping centre and the others stayed at home or walked around in Upminster. Finally I would like to tell you that school in Upminster is very great and that we are happy to be in England.

Our first Sightseeing-Tour through London

We all were very excited to visit the sights in London. At the beginning we met each other at Upminster Tube Station and talked some time about our 2nd night at our host families homes. Then we left our meeting place and took the Railway-Express and got off at the Embankment Tube Station. There we changed the train and went to Buckingham Palace. On our way to the Buckingham Palace we saw the Trafalgar Square and the St James Park. There our teachers told us to split up in groups and make some photos with the Buckingham Palace. After we all took some photos we relaxed in the St James Park, which was nearby the Buckingham Palace. Then our teachers called us together and we walked to the Houses of Parliament. On our way we saw many important sights in the London city like the Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye. We made a little break to drink and at this point we had the opportunity to take some photos with our classmates. Then we continued our way to Houses of Parliament. There we got our tickets and passes the security checks. Then we arrived in the court of the Houses of Parliament. We took several group pictures and then we finally went into the Houses of Parliament. There our tour-guide already waited for us and showed us all halls of the House. It was like we made a time travel through the Britain Monarchy. There we saw where the queen gets ready before she holds a speech in front of the Parliament-members. Then our guide showed us the two different houses of the Parliament: the House of Lords and the House of Commons.  First she showed us the hall of the House of Lords. There many of the students were very tired and thirsty and just wanted to sit down. But we weren’t allowed to sit on the costly seats in the different halls. We tried very hard to listen to the interesting things which our guide told us. Then we hardly made it to the library of the House of Commons and House of Lords. There we were finally allowed to sit on the seats. But afterwards we continued our tour and saw the hall of the House of Commons. After we discussed our questions with the guide we left to go to the main entrance hall again and there we had a little break to drink something and to discover the Houses of Parliament gift shop.  After that we went to the Park next to the River Themse. Afterwards we walked over the two different bridges over the River, which represent the two different houses of the Houses of Parliament. One bridge was coloured green and the other one was red.  Then we went to the Westminster Tube Station and in the train we talked about our experiences of our first Sightseeing-Tour through London.

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